Schweiz Tourismus


Switzerland Tourism

Switzerland Tourism is the national marketing and sales organisation for Switzerland as a travel, holiday and conference destination and focuses on the needs of its guests through its national and international activities. Switzerland Tourism is a government-owned company governed by public law which aims to provide attractive and experience-led products and services. Switzerland Tourism has been an institutional partner of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad since 2008 to provide the Swiss abroad with more information about Swiss tourism and to promote contact with their homeland.



 Swisscom iO



Swisscom is Switzerland's leading telecommunications provider and a dependable companion in the digital world. Swisscom aims to generate customer enthusiasm by providing the best network, outstanding products and excellent service. The iO app allows all smartphone users to chat unlimitedly free-of-charge, to make phone calls and to send pictures and videos worldwide. iO connects users with the whole world and enables them to make calls from abroad directly via the app to all Swiss numbers. Further information is available at:



 Swiss Post


Swiss Post

The Swiss Post Office is part of Swiss identity. It has always been successful because it has adapted over the past 165 years and also carried out pioneering work. It has faced demographic, social, economic and technological challenges. Only such change has enabled the Swiss Post Office to provide top-quality public service. It has always overcome great distances and ensured exchange between regions in Switzerland and abroad. The Post Office today operates on the boundary between the physical and digital worlds. It has a strong range of physical services which it increasingly enhances with digital solutions.



 Swiss Travel System


Swiss Travel System

Swiss Travel System is a marketing company established by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), Switzerland Tourism and various Swiss transport companies. Its objective is to bundle the joint marketing of public transport services abroad and to manage this in a targeted way. Its core tasks include the global marketing of the national transport system and the Swiss Travel System's range of tickets, on one hand, and promoting cross-border transport to neighbouring countries on the other.





Swiss Care

Swiss Care provides international health and travel insurance. Specialised in expatriates and students, it offers insurance cover for people spending long periods abroad or whose life is based abroad. Swiss Care has been an exclusive partner of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad since 2013.





SWI is the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation's (SRG SSR) international service. It meets the mandate of providing information abroad conferred by federal government and complements the online services of SRG SSR's radio and television stations. The website allows the free formation of opinion in relation to the exercising of political rights in Switzerland and conveys a specifically Swiss overall perspective and Swiss viewpoints on international events and developments. also reflects the view from abroad about Switzerland and its positions. A multimedia service available in 10 languages, the website is aimed at Swiss nationals abroad and anyone interested in Switzerland. is a long-term media partner of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad.



 Terre des hommes


Terre des hommes

Terre des hommes is a Swiss aid organisation that offers a better future to children in need and their communities. Terre des hommes works on behalf of children who are the victims of war, natural disasters or emergency situations and defends children's rights worldwide. Terre des hommes runs development projects in over 30 countries and provides emergency aid where required. It is a long-term humanitarian partner of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad.






Soliswiss aims to secure the livelihood of Swiss nationals, both women and men, living abroad. The intended purpose of the Cooperative shall be the mutual self-help of Swiss abroad in case of any loss of the economic basis of their livelihood, within the framework of crisis management and in terms of financial risk management. Access to membership is open to all Swiss nationals living abroad and is an advantage also for Swiss citizens living in Switzerland.



Zürcher Kantonalbank


Zürcher Kantonalbank

Zürcher Kantonalbank, an independent public law institution of the Canton of Zurich, is a leading universal bank located in the economic area of Zürich with strong regional roots and an international network. The Zürcher Kantonalbank holds the best credit rating (AAA or Aaa) from the credit ratings agencies Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s und Fitch.



 Pro Patria


Pro Patria

The Pro Patria Foundation arose from the Swiss National Day Celebration Committee founded in 1909 and is a non-profit organisation working on behalf of the Swiss people. The donations collected come from the proceeds of the 1 August badge, which has a rich tradition, and the sale of the popular Pro Patria stamps. Thousands of volunteers assist with collections all over the country. The donations are primarily used to fund cultural heritage projects but also for social purposes. Pro Patria was the OSA’s main funding provider for decades and still generously supports young Swiss abroad today.



 Lotteriefonds Kanton Bern


The canton of Berne lottery fund

The 'Lotteriefonds des Kantons Bern' (canton of Berne lottery fund) provides financial support to many non-profit and charitable projects in the fields of culture, the natural environment, social affairs and popular sports. The lottery fund's financial resources come from the net profit of Swisslos – the intercantonal national lottery – which organises lotteries and sports betting on behalf of the cantonal lottery funds. The funds and licensing department at the General Secretariat of the Police and Military Affairs Directorate of the canton of Berne runs the lottery fund.­fonds/lotterie­fonds/Lotterie­fonds.html



 Burgergemeinde Bern


The citizens' commune of Berne

The citizens' commune reconciles values such as tradition and continuity with the challenges of the future. It aims to serve the people and promotes cultural, social and intellectual life in the city of Berne. The citizens' commune generates the funds required through its properties and the DC Bank. The citizens' commune of Berne is a commune of persons in contrast to a residents' commune structured as a territorial entity. The citizens' commune of Berne is made up of over 17,600 members from 13 associations and guilds and citizens not affiliated to guilds.



 Eidgenössisches Departement für auswärtige Angelegenheiten EDA


The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA)

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs coordinates and formulates Swiss foreign policy on behalf of the Federal Council, pursues foreign policy objectives, protects national interests and promotes Swiss values. Safeguarding its independence, security and prosperity are Switzerland's fundamental objectives according to the federal constitution. The FDFA also deals with security, economic affairs, development cooperation, the environment and culture through a citizen-oriented and pragmatic approach to foreign policy. It also provides services for the Swiss abroad. The FDFA is a long-term partner of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad.



 Canton of Bern


Canton Bern

The canton of Berne lies at the heart of Switzerland on the border between two cultures. It therefore plays a key bridging role between the German-speaking and French-speaking parts of the country – which is one of the reasons why the city of Berne is also Switzerland’s political hub as its federal capital. One in eight residents of Switzerland lives in the canton of Berne, making it the second-largest canton after Zurich. It is also in second place in terms of area – after the canton of Grisons – and borders 11 other cantons in total.



 Stadt Bern


City of Bern

Berne is Switzerland’s federal capital and the political centre of the nation. The historic old town, a UNESCO-protected world heritage site, the “Zytglogge” tower, the river Aare and the bear park make a trip to Berne worthwhile. The city’s rich history and its cultural and social diversity also contribute to Berne’s popularity as a tourist destination. Its extensive range of shops, cafés, restaurants and accommodation speaks for itself.





The Area for the Swiss Abroad

The Area for the Swiss Abroad is a permanent facility created to mark the Swiss confederation's 700th anniversary in 1991. A 5,000 m2 site in a wonderful location on the banks of Lake Lucerne in Brunnen, canton of Schwyz, it symbolises the affinity of the Swiss abroad with their native country. It is publicly accessible at all times. The Area for the Swiss Abroad Foundation is a long-term partner of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad.










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